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Complete Cheese Production Line:

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Cheese making involves a number of main stages which are common to most types of cheese. For example, the main stages for production of hard and semi-hard cheese are illustrated schematically on the block chart in Figure.

Cheese Production Machine

The cheese milk is pretreated, after addition of a bacteria culture appropriate to the type of cheese, and mixed with rennet. The enzyme activity of the rennet causes the milk to coagulate to a solid gel known as coagulum. This is cut with special cutting tools into small cubes of the desired size to facilitate expulsion of whey. During the rest of the curd making process the bacteria grow and form lactic acid, and the curd grains are subjected to mechanical treatment with stirring tools, while at the same time the curd is heated according to a preset program. The combined effect of these three actions growth of bacteria, mechanical treatment and heat treatment results in syneresis, i.e. separation of whey from the curd grains. The finished curd is placed in cheese moulds, which determine the shape of the finished cheese. The cheese is pressed, either by its own weight or by applying pressure to the moulds. Finally, the cheese is coated, wrapped or packed. Most kinds of cheese will ripened in the ripening room for referent period.

Cheese Production Line Diagram:

Production Line for Cheese
  1. Special equipped conveyor
  2. Roller conveyor (modules)
  3. Roller conveyor
  4. Mixing silos
  5. Trolley lifter
  6. Service platform


Flow Chart of cheese Production


  1. Opportunity to realize products with customized recipes.
  2. Opportunity to produce more than one product with the same processing line.
  3. Very short holding times at pasteurizing temperature.
  4. Accurate dosing of mixing and additional aromas.
  5. High quality of the final product keeping an elevated nutritional value.
  6. Wide customization of the final product.
  7. Extended shelf life of the product.
  8. Maximum yield, minimum production waste.
  9. Highest energy savings thanks to the most advanced technologies.
  10. Complete line supervision system through monitoring of every process phase.
  11. Recording, visualization and printing of all daily production data.

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